Actionscript logging…

The default way to log is using Trace(“something”), this sends a print message to the console of your flash IDE (mine is Eclipse). Although other alternatives can bring you better results, and don’t need to launch your project in debug mode! Here’s my top two choices:

Vizzi allows you to see various settings such as the flashlog.txt, policy files (adobe flash security model) and so on… It allows searching, word wrapping, log snapshots, flash player detection, and so on…

It works by catching the outcoming data from flash directly.

This project is also cross-platform because it relies directly on Adobe’s framework rather than other language, it works differently because its a remote logger. You connect to it and dump contents, thus you do not need to run in debug mode nor even use trace as a debug function. You can send data to another machine rather than localhost, and even put some colors on the output. Although it doesn’t provide the same level of features as vizzi, its slightly different are seems more suited for real dumping information (logging) of test sessions.
* Thanks Diogo Mariano for the tip!

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