Architectural drafts… pt. 1

The target application of this master thesis is called “MTDJING” (which stands for Multi touch disc-jockey tasks). Various possible conceptual drafts and solutions have crossed my mind and are open to discussion here:


As we see on top (an idea created with Cmap) my design strives to be: modular and expandable.

A far as expandability goes we can think of this as both a external MIDI/OSC controller and a full-scale-typical-dj-setup, of course with some work on top we could derive the advantages of having a digital system: make it expandable to new plugins (i.e.: suporting LADSPA or VST architectures).

As far as modularity (observe figure below), we can think about each component as a core module that can be swapped by other similar black-box that outputs the same standard defined messages. Also derived from this we can expect that these components can act individually on their own and fully distributed from each other (individual nodes, cores, processes, etc…).


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