Hey, there! My name is Pedro Lopes, I’m a computer scientist, artist & hardware t(h)inker. You can get my CV here.

I’m a PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction lab of Patrick Baudisch in the Hasso Plattner Institute; here, I work on proprioceptive interaction, by engineering muscle interfaces that read and write to our own body, such as affordance++, pose-io or muscle-propelled force feedback.

I believe that science is the key to humanity’s better future; hence, my research inspires in neuroscience, electrical & mechanical engineering and computer science. My role in Human Computer Interaction is to create a future in which our cognition is augmented through a seamless fusion with our environment (technological & nature-made).

My research interests also include: (1) allowing ideas to flow faster, such as through interactive sketchingmodeling & fabrication; (2) acoustic interfaces, such these smart(er) touchscreen that are able to differentiate touch contacts, such as nails & knuckles, extrapolate finger pressure, detect feet or even everyday objects.

My publications have been presented at top-tier conferences, including: CHI, UIST, SIGGRAPH & WorldHaptics. My work has captured the interest of popular media, such as: NBC, Discovery Channel, NewScientist or Wired.


I graduated from IST in Lisbon, which is the most prestigious school of engineering in Portugal [2]. My master thesis was a large-scale multitouch table for DJing. As an artist I play turntables like they are full-fledged instruments, which means they can be bowed, percussed, scratched, subverted & hacked. I make my own needles and records using circuit-bending and acrylic cutting. I engage in collaboration with visual artists, performance & improvisors. My music has its own place here.

To contact me just search below (on the footer) for you favorite social network or email me at pedro.lopes -a.t.- hpi.de