Next conference: RecPad 2010

Next conference: RecPad 2010

I will be presenting a poster at RecPad 2010, alongside Guilherme Fernandes. We will present our Trainable DTW-classifier for feeg gesture recognition, which we built on a foot-controller device that allows to control Mt-Djing application, as shown below. (Controlling Mt-Djing with feet gestures) The program is available now here.

Latex: installing miscellaneous fonts and macros

In order to use the book template required by many iunstitutions such as IST (where my Thesis is being completed), check the following packages: (you can use apt-get, synaptic (my favorite for this things), or aptitude) texlive-fonts-recommended (the basic) texlive-fonts-extra (needed for the template because of cmbr8 font) As far as other Latex packages I […]

Compiling CCV in Ubuntu

Tutorial kindly sent by Dino Magri (See his blog) Installing CCV from source code If you do not have subversion (svn) do: sudo apt-get install subversion Now you can get the source, create a new directory for that. mkdir /home/user/CCV cd /home/user/CCV Type: svn checkout Linux-ccv Now go the script directory under the CCV source. cd Linux-ccv/scripts/ubuntu/ […]

Ps3eye in Ubuntu Tutorial

Tutorial kindly sent by Dino Magri (See his blog) PS3 Eye The ps3 Eye works in Ubuntu, although like it happens with other cameras the CCV does bnot recognize it (It happens with my USB built-in camera on both laptops). For that we have to install the library unicap and the driver gspca. First we download […]

Installing pd-extended on Ubuntu karmic 64 bits

Grab the autobuild from jaunty (9.04) at The lastest build for jaunty x86_64 (AMD architecture) is: – Then it will complain about libraw1934-8 because Karmic only has the .11 version of that lib in its repositories, so grab the jaunty package and install it: – Now, run the .deb installer from the […]

Building OpenSG in Ubuntu / Linux

Grab OpenSG 1.8.X For debian based systems, we can use the ppa as documented here ( deb gutsy main restricted universe multiverse deb-src gutsy main restricted universe multiverse To 9.10 (karmic koala) the package can be found here (, the simplest way to add it is by: > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opensg OpenSG 1.8.X […]

Working with OSC inside C/C++

For those that are searching for OSC libs for either C or C++, here’s my top two: liblo is a lightwheight OSC implementation, fully C and targeted for POSIX-compliant systems. It is very simple to install (and for those who use Debian can enjoy the apt-get install liblo0ldbl or liblo0-dev) or to build from source […]

Recognizing gestures by the sound they make (DTW and Puredata)

This prototype follows the idea of [1] where Harrison uses a microphone to record and recognize a set of defined gestures. In this implementation we follow the same approach by using the Dynamic Time Warp algorithm[2,3] but propose it under a different setting: the PureData programming environment[4]. This research for IMMI course at IST will […]

Open Source Flash#8: Get your Adobe Flash Builder 4 Licence (students)

Adobe has moved Flex Builder 3 into Flash Builder 4, unless for Linux – which is still running Flex Builder 3 (alpha stage, wit some issues). The plataform is built on Eclipse IDE and offers some nice features, auto-build, sintax highlight and code completion, and bla bla… The program is available as a trial version […]

Flash and TUIO libraries! (open source)

There are a lot of Flash <-> TUIO libraries, primarily intended to bring the Multitouch TUIO standard to Flash in an API style. Because AS3 is pretty much developed towards the concept of Event Handling (attaching events with functions that are dispatched by the AS3 itself) these libraries work in a similar way to. There […]