Battle of the DJs: an HCI perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing

Battle of the DJs: an HCI perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing

To be presented at NIME 2011 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Oslo ). The remainder of the program is very interesting, so please feel free to look around here. What about DJing? How does it equates within an HCI perspective? What forms of interaction exist with DJ gear? How can one classify those interactions/gear? The […]

ACE 2010: Multitouch Djing table

ACE 2010: Multitouch Djing table

Here is the paper, presented at the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment 2010, ACM & SIGCHI at the Interactivity Session.

Interacção 2010 final program announcement

The MtDjing has been accepetd in Interacção 2010 as previously posted, now the conference page already holds a final version of the program, that you can look via web of pdf document. Our presentation will be held in the first session of the day followed by the talk of Shahram Izadi from Microsoft entitled “Making computers more […]

Latex: installing miscellaneous fonts and macros

In order to use the book template required by many iunstitutions such as IST (where my Thesis is being completed), check the following packages: (you can use apt-get, synaptic (my favorite for this things), or aptitude) texlive-fonts-recommended (the basic) texlive-fonts-extra (needed for the template because of cmbr8 font) As far as other Latex packages I […]

Open Source Flash#8: Get your Adobe Flash Builder 4 Licence (students)

Adobe has moved Flex Builder 3 into Flash Builder 4, unless for Linux – which is still running Flex Builder 3 (alpha stage, wit some issues). The plataform is built on Eclipse IDE and offers some nice features, auto-build, sintax highlight and code completion, and bla bla… The program is available as a trial version […]

Scratch/Turntablism Ph.D. Thesis!

Scratch/Turntablism Ph.D. Thesis!

Hooray! Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen from KTH has defended his doctoral thesis under the topic of turntablism. You migh take a closer look here (or download it here). Abstract for the Thesis This thesis focuses on the analysis and modeling of scratching, in other words, the DJ (disk jockey) practice of using the turntable as a […]

Flash and TUIO libraries! (open source)

There are a lot of Flash <-> TUIO libraries, primarily intended to bring the Multitouch TUIO standard to Flash in an API style. Because AS3 is pretty much developed towards the concept of Event Handling (attaching events with functions that are dispatched by the AS3 itself) these libraries work in a similar way to. There […]

OSC (Open Sound Control) changes to Open Show Control?

I’ve received this today on OSC mailing list, the name is questionable (a protocol to “put on a show”) although it is a new way to show that OSC has gone much further than “sound” or “new MIDI”. We use it here for blob tracking (on CCV). someone (-at-) to osc_dev show details 6:47 […]

The scratch mat

  An interesting project (appearing on The Fun Theory website) is this Scratch Mat: [youtube=] Take a look!  

Audio Latency: Low-latency Linux tutorial

I’ve been researching audio latency a bit across the typical OS, as a side quest of my thesis of course. I hope to post a more detailed overview of issues and measures found in research papers, but for now I’ll just post this incredible video for simple tweaks using the pacth for Linux RT kernel […]