Open Source Flash#7: Debug / Trace your application !!!

Statement: DEBUGGING IS MANDATORY. ActionScript/Flex debuggs via the trace function: >trace(“uff… debuggin’”); But setting up debug is not trivial: 1 – uninstall all flash plugins and instalations 2 – install a fresh Debug player 3 – configure PATH and HOMEPATH according to adobe’s guide 4 – create mm.cfg 5 – hope that a logfile will […]

Open Source Flash#6: Reverse engineering

If you like decompiling and understanding how VMs and compilers work, here’s two applications that will suit you: – FLASM (Flasm disassembles your entire SWF including all the timelines and events. Looking at disassembly, you learn how the Flash compiler works, which improves your ActionScript skills.) And if you like to parse a swf and […]

Open Source Flash#5: AS3 Sockets and Security

Regarding Flash/AS3… Well they did not design a secure system thats for sure. But this post is more to discuss the Socket implementation and some minor aspects that might help those in need, rather than reflecting upon security on flash (take a look at this if you’re on that page and test your apps firmly, […]

Open Source Flash#4: Learning AS3 Coding

I’m using Adobe Flash Platform Official Guide to start with the lerning of AS3, as far as looking at the changes beetween AS2 to 3 it seems that obkect oriented programming was embraced, also ECMA stardards are reinforced and more objects are available as AS3 scaled to a full language. Here’s the official guides: ActionScript 3.0 Developer’s […]

Architectural drafts… pt. 1

The target application of this master thesis is called “MTDJING” (which stands for Multi touch disc-jockey tasks). Various possible conceptual drafts and solutions have crossed my mind and are open to discussion here: As we see on top (an idea created with Cmap) my design strives to be: modular and expandable. A far as expandability […]

Some thougts on MT inspired by August de los Reyes (pt.3)

[Last but not least: still inspired and following the previous two posts.] August gave a small hint that has been very helpfull to Microfost’s Surface Reseach Team (which he leads). Creating a interface for Multitouch? Of course when creating a sort of Multitouch interface, for a digital interaction of a table, several questions have to […]