Teaching @ Hasso Plattner Institut w/ Patrick Baudisch

  • Lecturing “muscle and brain computer Interfaces” for HCI-Research [2012-present]
  • Lecturing “audio input ” for HCI-Research [2012-present]
  • In-class hacking on “dataflow programming & audio processing” for HCI2 [2012-present]

Tools for research & Academia

  • openEMSstim, an open-source kit based on arduino¬†used in the UIST’16 SIC
  • Affinity Script,¬†a re-write of a script that computes affinities for submitted papers <> reviewers (ACs) // used for CHI, UIST, MobileHCI
  • Muscle Plotter is open source and includes python API to medical muscle stimulators
  • Affordance++‘s gesture editor is open source

Chairing Conferences & Program Committees

Workshops & Tutorials