Installing pd-extended on Ubuntu karmic 64 bits

Grab the autobuild from jaunty (9.04) at The lastest build for jaunty x86_64 (AMD architecture) is:

Then it will complain about libraw1934-8 because Karmic only has the .11 version of that lib in its repositories, so grab the jaunty package and install it:

Now, run the .deb installer from the autobuild. Press install.
(for me it installed three additional libraries that weren’t found in the system)

If you already have PureData installed (Miller’s version is called vannila, and it comes with Ubuntu Studio Audio package) it will conflict during the install. Go to synaptic software manager and uninstall PureData, it unfortunatelly will remove GEM and UbuntuStudioAudio*.

To check, just type “pd” on CLI, there’s no installed version. Cool (don’t get scared, you can install it later by synaptic which is damm easy!).

Type install again on pd-extended package.

It should install without issues.

Go to command line, type “pdextended”, and “Test audio and MIDI”, click to make sure you hear the sinewave. Hooray, easy as pie.

My system specs for this install
– Ubuntu Studio 9.10 64-bit with rt kernel
– Processor is AMD64
(And I had pd vannila previously installed, it comes with Ubuntu Studio compiled for 64 bits)

*as far as my opinion goes, this last one shouldn’t be mandatory..ah hum! But then again I did not understand what did it remove exactly because all my typicall audio apps are still there, I guess its just a dud…


  1. PedroLopes
    June 19, 2010

    This is an easy install using the latest autobuild. You can build it from source, obviously!

  2. AndreasMusix
    June 19, 2010

    Thanks, very helpful! I was having the problem with libraw under 9.10!


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