Latex note#2 managing citations…

Tex is really powerful as far as managing a bibliographic citation database – using the bibtex format.

A nice tutorial is hosted here.

The really weird part – multi-pass compiling your document with references.

To fully compile and cross-link references on must repeat some commands, in order to obtain several auxiliary files that will compile the references in the final tex file. I borrowed this neat table from the tutorial in order to help those in a time of need. Take a look…

to create filemydocument.dvi: to create filemydocument.pdf: result of command:
1 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument creates .aux file which includes keywords of any citations
2 bibtex mydocument bibtex mydocument uses the .aux file to extract cited publications from the database in the .bib file, formats them according to the indicated style, and puts the results into in a .bbl file
3 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument inserts appropriate reference indicators at each point of citation, according to the indicated bibliography style
4 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument refines citation references and other cross-references, page formatting and page numbers

Really simple right?

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