Latex note#4 table formatting!

If you’re in need for really hardcore table formating, here’s one of the best guides (pdf).

The general stuff is failry easy and its been covered in the tutorial I’ve posted previously (of Andrew Robert’s page), but if you need:

  • rotating tables (use graphicx package)
  • placing footnotes in a table (beware! because footnote does not comply in tabular enrironment until you use makesavenoteenv{tabular})
  • adding colors to your rows/collums or single cells (see here in the Wiki Latex)
  • if you want to center the contents of a cell use centering (sugested by this excelent guide (pdf))
  • and the ultimate… slashed boxes (which I needed desperatly! use backslashbox inside tabular,)

Hope it helps…

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