Let’s give it a first try… (PureData and TUIO)

First Try of PureData and TUIO (homemade multitouch) from PedroLopes [turn up the volume because its very low]

This is the document of my first 10 minutes of PureData alongside a really DIY multitouch table (done with a 16 fps camera, and absolutely no conditions!). It is simply a synth made with 2 oscilators that are fed from the positions of the tracked blobs. That’s why they change frequency values so fast nd sound glitchy (I might just use them for music soon…)

Software: Tbeta (sending TUIO OSC), PureData
Hardware: terrible web-cam, toshiba, piece of glass and a box.

The construction method is the one listed on the Tbeta webpage/forum, it’s quite simple but to get great results you need a better camera and lighting conditions (which I dont have at home now) – luckly I’ll have a great surface filled with a Laser Light Plane to get the correct blobs.

The Home solution, looks like this:




  1. André Pintado
    October 19, 2009

    homax is better!!!!!

  2. Possibilities#2: Audio Layer | Mtdjing
    March 2, 2010

    […] it has a simple binding with the OSC or TUIO  protocol as I’ve posted in this blog earlier (see post or video below). Also in a disadvantage point of view (as far as my experience) certain OO concepts […]


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