general notice on my material

The materials you find on my page are reserved (such as pictures of me), except otherwise noted. I encourage remixing and derivative works of what you find here. Research is all about getting inspired and building upon that. Feel free to drop me a line if you got inspired (contact).

open-source software = community

The software tools are offered in Creative Commons or GPL licenses, since they are a contribution to the open-source & open-hardware community.

using copyrighted material (such as pictures of me, etc..)

Just drop me a line, I’m glad to contribute for educational and community-driven projects.

list of derivative works used on this website

The following works are used on this website, and remain within the same copyleft license schema as the original:

  • creative commons logo remixed (image: from Creative Commons blog, incorporating File Repair icon by iconoci, from The Noun Project, both under CC BY)
  • gear icon was generated using my code (GPL derivative) and stylized later, feel free to use it (Creative Commons licensed) or the gear generator (C code here)
  • the triptych on the from page a derivative work based on icons from creative commons logo ideas part 1part 2 and freevectors

what do the icons on your website mean?

The triptych is a work that shines what I do in a vectorial and abstract fashion. Here’s the complete semantic breakdown:

  1. the angled rectangles represent “folding” which is an mathematical, philosophical and very pragmatic concept.
  2. the waveforms are organized using the intersection of prime and fibonacci sequence numbers, being the first three: 2, 3 and 5
  3. the bubbles are inspired by radio zero‘s logo, which is a community-based and open-source radio, it reflects the nature of communities and teaching

i like your website, care to share the theme code?

The theme is GPL licensed from Theme Trust, check their website out if you want to buy it. Mine will not be exactly like the one you buy, because its full of my custom php wizardry and css magic tricks.

other materials

Also some icons are by Icon pack by Icons8:

PPT: (see their License at

PDF: (see their License at

Video: (see their License at

code: (see their License at;