Open Source Flash#4: Learning AS3 Coding

I’m using Adobe Flash Platform Official Guide to start with the lerning of AS3, as far as looking at the changes beetween AS2 to 3 it seems that obkect oriented programming was embraced, also ECMA stardards are reinforced and more objects are available as AS3 scaled to a full language.

Here’s the official guides:

ActionScript 3.0 Developer’s Guide

Learning ActionScript 3.0

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// ]]>Also XML usage has been paired up to the ECMA standarf (see here) and finally here is a bunch of tips for programming AS3 (notice that they now encourage the declaration of variable type for code optimization on the mxml compiler)

Besides the previously mentioned literature book (The AS3 and Flex 3 Cooking Book), I’m also using “The Essential Guide To Open Source Flash Development” – specially for optimizing and installing stuff to improve my “Open Source Workflow” (as mentioned in the book).

Happy coding.

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