Open Source Flash#7: Debug / Trace your application !!!


ActionScript/Flex debuggs via the trace function:

>trace(“uff… debuggin'”);

But setting up debug is not trivial:

1 – uninstall all flash plugins and instalations

2 – install a fresh Debug player

3 – configure PATH and HOMEPATH according to adobe’s guide

4 – create mm.cfg

5 – hope that a logfile will reside somewhere in your system…

You wanna know what?

> It was easier on Linux. Got everything working smooth, even coded my scripts that manage the log files (because the Flash Player deletes them every time). Also in Linux the flash player writes to the console too!

> It was a pain in Windows… I just could not stand it.. but in the middle of the search for the Light I’ve found the FlashTrace project! (which is cross-plataform)

What is Vizzy Flash Trace?

Vizzy Flash Tracer is a debugging tool for flash developers which lets you read all the “trace” statements of SWF files without adding any extra code! It works in Firefox, IE, Flash IDE, Adobe AIR and other places where “trace” statements take place. Vizzy is cross platform and has all the features other tracers have and even more.

No need for stupid mm.cfg by hand and you get a nifty-clean trace GUI. (See picture on the top of the post)

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