OSC (Open Sound Control) changes to Open Show Control?

I’ve received this today on OSC mailing list, the name is questionable (a protocol to “put on a show”) although it is a new way to show that OSC has gone much further than “sound” or “new MIDI”. We use it here for blob tracking (on CCV).

someone (-at-) cnmat.berkeley.edu

to osc_dev

show details 6:47 AM (2 minutes ago)

In light of the ever broadening scope of application of Open Sound Control
we have decided to change  the name of the OSC encoding to Open Show

Here are some examples of OSC applications motivating the name change:

– Motion capture data from cameras by Qualisys
– Lighting and theatrical control at the Topological Media Lab.
– VRAS and other acoustic rendering systems at Meyer Sound
– Solenoids at Disneyland
– Motor and Servo control on the Make Controller Kit
– Timely media device control and discovery in IEEE AVB


Update: The name seems to be an open discussion (I hope it is), but the main thing is “OSC delivers more than sound related computing” . That’s whats important.

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  1. PedroLopes
    April 8, 2010

    Maybe its April’s fool prank but even so its a good idea to rethink the OSC meaning.



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