I work on proprioceptive interaction, by engineering muscle interfaces that read and write to our own body, such as affordance++pose-io or muscle-propelled force feedback.


This new way of  interaction is especially suitable for wearables because it uses only our own body for both input and output and is eyes-free. It is based on the user’s proprioceptive sense, i.e., rather than seeing, hearing, or feeling an outside stimulus, users feel the pose of their own body. To pose the users body (output) our devices use electrical muscle stimulation, as it allows us to actuate with a minimal hardware footprint (mobile & wearable). For controlling the interaction users input by posing their body, which we read with different tracking methods (optical, accelerometer, etc). Here’s some examples of the work I have done on proprioceptive interaction:

  • Affordance++: allowing objects to communicate dynamic use [best paper award] Pedro Lopes, Patrik Jonell and Patrick Baudisch CHI’15Seoul, Korea. // paper  // video 
  • Proprioceptive Interaction Pedro Lopes, Alexandra Ion, Willie Mueller, Daniel Hoffmann, Patrik Jonell, and Patrick Baudisch CHI’15Seoul, Korea. // paper // video