Prototype#3: Yet flash (better architecture) and PureData

Prototype Flash and PureData #3 from PedroLopes on Vimeo.

This video shows a small-tiny-atom-sized prototype that uses Pd (PureData) and Flex/ActionScript compiled on Win (XP) with only the Open Source Flex SDK.

The only reason for not deploying it in Ubuntu is that flashserver external pd object is not present. I will replace it with OSC and probably use oscx external.

The PureData side is just a small patch that mixes a loop (a funny beat 80’s sample…ta nan…) with a sine wave. To simplify auditive debugging.

Notice that all communication between Pd Flash is all done remotely via Sockets.

The Architecture has now some classes and modules, the turntable mock-up objects that you see inherit from the base InterfaceObject Class. More on this soon…

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