Ps3eye in Ubuntu Tutorial

Tutorial kindly sent by Dino Magri (See his blog)

PS3 Eye

The ps3 Eye works in Ubuntu, although like it happens with other cameras the CCV does bnot recognize it (It happens with my USB built-in camera on both laptops). For that we have to install the library unicap and the driver gspca. First we download the latest version:

cd /home/user/
Uncompress the files:
tar -xvzf unicap-0.9.5.tar.gz
Download the patch (that we need to apply):
Before inatlling we need the packet, so just type:
sudo apt-get install patch
patch -p0 < unicap-gspca.patch
Now configuration followed by compilation:
cd /home/user/unicap-0.9.5
sudo make install
Done, CCV should be able to get the frames from PS3 driver.

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