This is an interactive timeline of my publications, for full details (download paper, etc..) check below or get my CV here. Enjoy.

mobile force feedback & muscle interfaces

  • Affordance++: allowing objects to communicate dynamic use Pedro Lopes, Patrik Jonell and Patrick Baudisch CHI’15Seoul, Korea. // paper (soon) // video (soon)
  • Proprioceptive Interaction Pedro Lopes, Alexandra Ion, Willie Mueller, Daniel Hoffmann, Patrik Jonell, and Patrick Baudisch CHI’15Seoul, Korea. // paper (soon) // video (soon)
  • Haptic Turk: A Motion Platform Based on People, Lun-Pan Cheng, Patrick Lühne, Pedro  Lopes, Christoph Sterz, and Patrick Baudisch, to appear at CHI’14.

touch acoustics & music

  • Let’s Kick it: How to Stop Wasting the Bottom Third of Your Large Scale Display , Ricardo Jota, Pedro Lopes, Joaquim Jorge, and Daniel Wigdor, to appear at CHI’14.
  • Multitouch Djing SurfacePedro Lopes,  Alfredo FerreiraJoao M Pereira, 2010, ACE ’10: Proceedings of the 2010 ACM SIGCHI international conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, paper // video // BibTeX
  • Dynamic Time Warping for Pure Data,  Pedro Lopes,  Joaquim Jorge2011, PdCon’11: The 4th Conference on Pure Data // video
  • Click Tracker: Performance/composition tool for metrically complex scores, João Pais, Pedro Lopes, 2011, PdCon’11: The 4th Conference on Pure Data. Try the software. 
  • Trainable DTW-based classifier for recognizing feet-gesturesPedro Lopes, Guilherme Fernandes, Joaquim Jorge, 2010, RecPad: 16th Portuguese Conference on Pattern Recognition // video // paper// BibTeX

interactive sketching & fabrication

  • Combining bimanual manipulation and pen-based input for 3D modelling,  Pedro Lopes,  Daniel Mendes, Bruno de AraújoJoaquim JorgeSBIM’11: Sketch-based Interface and Modelling, in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH and EUROGRAPHICS. paper // video
  • Hands-on interactive tabletop LEGO application, Daniel Mendes, Pedro Lopes, and  Alfredo Ferreira, 2011, ACE ’11: Proceedings of the 2010 ACM SIGCHI international conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, paper // video 

invited talks & keynotes

  • Biohacking and Brain Computer interfaces: the future of Human Computer Interaction
    at Campus Party 2012, Berlin, Germany. // video
  • Towards Bio-Interfaces: New Input/Output technologies for Human Computer Interaction 
    at Jortec 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Body & mind controlled, “Artists & scientists: Push Boundaries!”
    at LEAP (Laboratory for Experimental Art and Performance), Berlin, Germany.
  • Muscle-propelled interfaces: interfaces that move you!
    at Academy Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.

demos at HCI conferences

  • Muscle-Propelled Force Feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices (demo), Pedro Lopes and Patrick Baudisch // video 
    at CHI’13 + WH’13 (IEEE World Haptics Conference)
  • Muscle-Propelled Force Feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices using electrical stimulation (demo), Pedro Lopes, Lars Butzmann, and Patrick Baudisch // video  // accompanying demo paper soon
    at  AH’13 (Augmented Human Conference), Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Constructable: interactive construction of functional mechanical devices (demo),  Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, Konstantin Kaefer,
    Bastian Kruck, and Patrick Baudisch
    at CHI’13 + TEI 2013, Barcelona, Spain.// video

articles on artistic practice

  • TranshumancePedro Lopes, 2010, Future Places – Digital Media and Local Cultures // proceedings  (pg. 169) // BibTeX
  • Pedro Lopes & Jef Chippewa  interview  bio-artists Marco Donnarumma, Peter Kirn & Claudia Robles @ LEAPCEC’ 2013 //  read it

MsC thesis

  • Mt-DJing: Multitouch DJing TablePedro Lopes, 2010, MSc Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal // paper// BibTeX

CV [download, pdf]