Setting up Latex (for windows..)

Just a small post, usefull for those starting up in Articles or Thesis in Latex:

a) choose a easy editor (I’ll say: LEd, recommeded to me by prof.  Alfredo Ferreira)

b) choose a all-in-one Tex converter (I’ll recommend: MixTex, that has DVI->PDF, etc…)

The true advantages of LEd are

1 – document preview and navigation to code on the righmost part of the page

2 – easy enough interface (could be more rich in terms of design… but works)

3 – auto complete for most of Tex commands!

4 – amazing 10 cliboard with drag-and-drop feature (every OS should have an infite Ctrl-C clipboard damn!)

5 – buttons for almost every ultra-hard math symbol on Tex.

6 – its… humm… Free!

Setup notes

c) Install LEd and all the packages or add-ons you like

d) Install MikTex

e) Go to MyComputer->Advanced->Environment Variables and edit the PATH to search on the SomeDrive:/Program Files/…/Miktex/bin

f) Open LEd and check the properties configuration to find the MikTex.dll and executables for DVi convertion

g) Have fun with some tutorials.


There are hundreds of great tutorials, I’ll just point out a VERY simple one that covers the basics:

Getting To Grips With Latex (Andrew Roberts)

Then, there’s the more hardocore books on Latex:

A Working Guide to LaTeX (2002)

Getting Started with LaTeX (basic introduction to typesetting with TeX and LaTeX) (1995)

LaTeX Reference Card

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