Setting up the testbed…

As I’ve layed down in the planning – up to the 1st Frebruary I’ve been setting up the Development Environment for the project: Tabletop for DJing.

(At the same time, I’ve been conducting a gestural analysis focused on understanding what hand-gestures DJ do in ech task/action – but more on this when it is presentable-ready)

Environment for Project Development

(details posted in a blog I made just for this)

a) Operating System: Ubuntu Studio 9.19 Karmic Koala (with Realtime kernel)

Advantages: Ubuntu is a very well aknowledged Linux Distribution, aiming towards daily usage. Ubuntu Studio is a official derivate distro that bundles a lot of multimedia applications (see my “Moving Towards Linux” blog) and has a RealTime kernel pacth.. making it a low latency environment (a requirment I’ve identified in the related work analysis on my submited paper). It is fully Open Source and Free, which means all of the developed code can be licensed and has no “strings” attached (no cheating either).

b) The Tabletop: it is a LLP (laser Light Plane, see NUI Group Page for technical Info), developed and assembled by VIMMI group. It is an incredible large surface that will host the visualization and touch-point for the proposed application. The table is ready to go, and I’ve been helping/witnessing the configuration of CCV (described in the previous post) in that environment.

c) Community Core Vision (CCV – see previous post) is the chosen Computer Vision tool, it has standard functionalities that at this point (and at all predicted points ) will be sufficient for this project.

Upcoming tests

a.1) Fully configuring OpenGL and Flex on my Ubuntu Studio. (Thei are fully working but not in a debug/developping scheme right now): Expected: 1,1/2 days.

a.2) Audio setup up, lower even more the latency (see “Low Latency” post in this blog to understand the possibilities of Linux). Expected: 1 day.

a.3) Finishing installing IDEs and other developer tools. (see the “Moving Towards Linux” blog for details). Expected: 1/ day.

b.1) Testing a photo demo on the Table, just a standard multitouch hello-world for configuring the environment. Expected: 1/2 day.

c.1) Deploying CCV in Linux + configuring TUIO/OSC, making a lil’ try out with PureData and Flash. Expected: 1/2 day.

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