Some thougts on MT inspired by August de los Reyes (pt.2)

After the first few thoughs (pt.1 on the blog) we arrive at a new idea:

Interacting with a table: what’s new on that?

1) So, first August brings out an important point (that of course is relevant to the Surface project) which is the nature of the “Table” element. First let’s recall that August is much into Product Design – so he would be the correct one to mention this – tables are indeed a special object in our society. For instante, what sort of tasks would you perform on a table? Let’s brainstorm on this:

Table objects: dinner table, conference table, work table, play table, surgeon table, and so on.

Table usages: dinner, conversation, have a drink, discuss, reunion, etc…

Whats the underlying aspect: social.

So even if I’m not directly proposing a tool for multi DJs, I have to address that question of “social play” on the interface. First because since the dawn of Djing the hardware real systems have been used for more than one Dj at a time. Secondly, addressing this question brings out certain questions that are “the big challenges” of NUI/Multitouch, for instance: “Who’s Hand Is This?” – how to identify players in certain contexts. Of course (luckly or not) in my context here we do need have the iminent urge to define/identify which player is interacting with the DJ app.

2) The map between a table / physical tool – (also remembering a bit of the previous post on NUI as a contextual interaction, rather than exploratory in GUI).

The really important key here is maintaing a sort of visual cognitive map of the interface: allowing the user to almost-guess how the gestual system will work.

I will build more on this later, after the next topic (still on August talk) and then we can start discussing the methods for user testing for the proposed system.

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