Compiling CCV in Ubuntu

Tutorial kindly sent by Dino Magri (See his blog) Installing CCV from source code If you do not have subversion (svn) do: sudo apt-get install subversion Now you can get the source, create a new directory for that. mkdir /home/user/CCV cd /home/user/CCV Type: svn checkout Linux-ccv Now go the script directory under the CCV source. cd Linux-ccv/scripts/ubuntu/ […]

Ps3eye in Ubuntu Tutorial

Tutorial kindly sent by Dino Magri (See his blog) PS3 Eye The ps3 Eye works in Ubuntu, although like it happens with other cameras the CCV does bnot recognize it (It happens with my USB built-in camera on both laptops). For that we have to install the library unicap and the driver gspca. First we download […]

Multitouch Pong (off-thesis 2 hour project)

Multitouch Pong (Processing and CCV) from PedroLopes on Vimeo. I was tired of my As3/C++/Pd project (multitouch DJ table) so I turned myself into processing for a bit, the first version of this code was done by myself (Pedro Lopes) and Miguel Jerónimo – in a multitouch workshop. This my new version, slightly altered from […]

Prototype#3: Yet flash (better architecture) and PureData

Prototype Flash and PureData #3 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. This video shows a small-tiny-atom-sized prototype that uses Pd (PureData) and Flex/ActionScript compiled on Win (XP) with only the Open Source Flex SDK. The only reason for not deploying it in Ubuntu is that flashserver external pd object is not present. I will replace it with […]

Prototype#2: raw stuff again…

Just another video to illustrate a comunication between Pd (aduio manager) and Flash (interface manager). Prototype for Flash to PureData (Pd)#2 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. Next steps are: 1 – Implement Multitouch support on the interface 2 – Create the CoreApp (the main C++ application) and the subsequent Managers (Interaction Manager + Interface Manager + […]