Computer Vision – Tbeta first analysis…

As previously noticed on the blog, I’ve already built a prototype (with very very DIY look and components) of a multitouch table – using Tbeta as the vision software. Community Core Vision or CCV for short (also known as tbeta), is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and machine sensing. It takes an video […]

NUI design talk

As a thread in the NUI group forum, there’s this nice video talk from Darren David, Nathan Moody – Designing Natural User Interfaces from¬†Interaction Design Association on¬†Vimeo. A brief summary of its core topics, and how they apply in my MTdjing application for music control over multitouch surfaces: NUI goal: “eliminate proxy control do […]

Golan Levin Workshop on Computer Vision in Future Places 2009

Golan on Future Places [photo_credit JoaoPadua] Sorry about the delay in the postings (three drafts are in line to be published as posts here..) fortunately the week had some good times, one being the Golan Levin workshop about Computer Vision in Future Places 2009. The workshop gave me more insight on using Processing for blob […]