NUI design talk

As a thread in the NUI group forum, there’s this nice video talk from Darren David, Nathan Moody – Designing Natural User Interfaces from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo. A brief summary of its core topics, and how they apply in my MTdjing application for music control over multitouch surfaces: NUI goal: “eliminate proxy control do […]

Gesture Research #3 (the mixer and the turntable…)

Of course in the previous posts on this topic (gestures) I’ve identified the basic atomic ideas in a piece of paper by observation of certain systems (multitouch and dj decks)… this was just a primary attemp to understand the gestures used among this approaches, but a more indepth look is mandatory when it comes to […]

Gesture Research #2 (djing in action…)

A collection of real gestures (that you perform on the actual things): i) Real gestures on Dj systems The expression “dj systems” is just a more-or-less-suitable name for the tools that Djs currently use when it comes to hardware: turntables, dj decks, mixers, cds, HD’s, laptops with djing software, effect processors, vynil, etc… mainly by looking at Djs […]