Open Source Flash#1: Introduction

Flex 3 is the Adobe solution towards RIA on a cross plataform level. But is this Flex thing Open Source? There are 2 licenses to consider for the various packages of the Flex SDK. Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 (MPL) Primarily covers the source code of the Open Source Flex SDK including the Flex framework, […]

Latex note#3 managing citations…v2

Tired of editing bibtex files with a half-thousand lines? I suggest you use a bibtex manager: such as JabRef. A feature list includes: Advanced BibTeX editor Detailed editing of BibTeX entries. Search functions Search a pattern in the whole bibliography. Classification of entries You can group entries explicitly, by keywords or any other fields. Import of various […]

Latex note#2 managing citations…

Tex is really powerful as far as managing a bibliographic citation database – using the bibtex format. A nice tutorial is hosted here. The really weird part – multi-pass compiling your document with references. To fully compile and cross-link references on must repeat some commands, in order to obtain several auxiliary files that will compile […]

Setting up Latex (for windows..)

Just a small post, usefull for those starting up in Articles or Thesis in Latex: a) choose a easy editor (I’ll say: LEd, recommeded to me by prof.  Alfredo Ferreira) b) choose a all-in-one Tex converter (I’ll recommend: MixTex, that has DVI->PDF, etc…) The true advantages of LEd are 1 – document preview and navigation […]