Multitouch Pong (off-thesis 2 hour project)

Multitouch Pong (Processing and CCV) from PedroLopes on Vimeo. I was tired of my As3/C++/Pd project (multitouch DJ table) so I turned myself into processing for a bit, the first version of this code was done by myself (Pedro Lopes) and Miguel Jerónimo – in a multitouch workshop. This my new version, slightly altered from […]

Actionscript logging…

The default way to log is using Trace(“something”), this sends a print message to the console of your flash IDE (mine is Eclipse). Although other alternatives can bring you better results, and don’t need to launch your project in debug mode! Here’s my top two choices: Flash Vizzi Debugger (java application) Vizzi allows you to […]

Prototype#2: raw stuff again…

Just another video to illustrate a comunication between Pd (aduio manager) and Flash (interface manager). Prototype for Flash to PureData (Pd)#2 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. Next steps are: 1 – Implement Multitouch support on the interface 2 – Create the CoreApp (the main C++ application) and the subsequent Managers (Interaction Manager + Interface Manager + […]

Setting up the Multitouch “Brain”…

We’ve been finishing the set up on our machine connected to the large multi-touch tabletop that we held at VIMMI/IST. Diogo Mariano (check his master’s blog here) has finished the Windows setup, and we got the thing working with Windows 7 64 bit and CCV 1.3 installer – which gives a great performance. I’ll be […]

Open Source Flash#3: Readings

Okay, a couple of possible readings: Web-readings: Adobe Mxml and ActionScript Starting Guide (nice zero-knowledge introduction) Bottom Up Flash (blog on flash learning, a very interesting one!) Developing Flash in Linux from command line (nice reading, from yet another nice blog) Paper-readings: ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook: Solutions for Flash Platform and Flex Application Developers. (see above) […]

Open Source Flash#2: Quick Tutorial

Based on Steve Love’s great tutorial-post and on a great post of Life of a programmer geek blog I summarize here a possible quick tutorial for those that wish to develop flash using all open source tools. What do you need to install Flex on Linux? The Flex SDK Sun Java (needed for compiling the […]

Open Source Flash#1: Introduction

Flex 3 is the Adobe solution towards RIA on a cross plataform level. But is this Flex thing Open Source? There are 2 licenses to consider for the various packages of the Flex SDK. Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 (MPL) Primarily covers the source code of the Open Source Flex SDK including the Flex framework, […]

Setting up the testbed…

As I’ve layed down in the planning – up to the 1st Frebruary I’ve been setting up the Development Environment for the project: Tabletop for DJing. (At the same time, I’ve been conducting a gestural analysis focused on understanding what hand-gestures DJ do in ech task/action – but more on this when it is presentable-ready) […]