Installing pd-extended on Ubuntu karmic 64 bits

Grab the autobuild from jaunty (9.04) at The lastest build for jaunty x86_64 (AMD architecture) is: – Then it will complain about libraw1934-8 because Karmic only has the .11 version of that lib in its repositories, so grab the jaunty package and install it: – Now, run the .deb installer from the […]

Allowing DJs to share their patches!

Allowing DJs to share their patches!

Multitouch Djing: Loading Objects via XML from PedroLopes on Vimeo. This is just showing the Objects in the interface being XML defined, that can be read at start up and create the patch for the DJ. This will allow users of the interface to share patches, save, load, etc…

Working with OSC inside C/C++

For those that are searching for OSC libs for either C or C++, here’s my top two: liblo is a lightwheight OSC implementation, fully C and targeted for POSIX-compliant systems. It is very simple to install (and for those who use Debian can enjoy the apt-get install liblo0ldbl or liblo0-dev) or to build from source […]

About the interface concepts

After having some mind struggles with the interface concepts, its now more or less defined: Realtime Setup Creation The concept is similar to the pacthing programming languages (PureData, Max/MSP) and pacthing interfaces such as Reactable, AudioPad, BlockJam, etc… thus the user is able to build his own DJ system has he plays. The video below […]

Open Source Flash#8: Get your Adobe Flash Builder 4 Licence (students)

Adobe has moved Flex Builder 3 into Flash Builder 4, unless for Linux – which is still running Flex Builder 3 (alpha stage, wit some issues). The plataform is built on Eclipse IDE and offers some nice features, auto-build, sintax highlight and code completion, and bla bla… The program is available as a trial version […]

Scratch/Turntablism Ph.D. Thesis!

Scratch/Turntablism Ph.D. Thesis!

Hooray! Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen from KTH has defended his doctoral thesis under the topic of turntablism. You migh take a closer look here (or download it here). Abstract for the Thesis This thesis focuses on the analysis and modeling of scratching, in other words, the DJ (disk jockey) practice of using the turntable as a […]

Flash and TUIO libraries! (open source)

There are a lot of Flash <-> TUIO libraries, primarily intended to bring the Multitouch TUIO standard to Flash in an API style. Because AS3 is pretty much developed towards the concept of Event Handling (attaching events with functions that are dispatched by the AS3 itself) these libraries work in a similar way to. There […]

Prototype#3: Yet flash (better architecture) and PureData

Prototype Flash and PureData #3 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. This video shows a small-tiny-atom-sized prototype that uses Pd (PureData) and Flex/ActionScript compiled on Win (XP) with only the Open Source Flex SDK. The only reason for not deploying it in Ubuntu is that flashserver external pd object is not present. I will replace it with […]

Actionscript logging…

The default way to log is using Trace(“something”), this sends a print message to the console of your flash IDE (mine is Eclipse). Although other alternatives can bring you better results, and don’t need to launch your project in debug mode! Here’s my top two choices: Flash Vizzi Debugger (java application) Vizzi allows you to […]

Prototype#2: raw stuff again…

Just another video to illustrate a comunication between Pd (aduio manager) and Flash (interface manager). Prototype for Flash to PureData (Pd)#2 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. Next steps are: 1 – Implement Multitouch support on the interface 2 – Create the CoreApp (the main C++ application) and the subsequent Managers (Interaction Manager + Interface Manager + […]