#ITS2011: Augmenting Touch Interaction Through Acoustic Sensing

#ITS2011: Augmenting Touch Interaction Through Acoustic Sensing

Pedro Lopes, Ricardo Jota, Joaquim Jorge [Published at ACM ITS 2011, Kobe, Japan / paper] Recognizing how a person actually touches a surface has generated a strong interest within the interactive surfaces community. Although we agree that touch is the main source of information, unless other cues are accounted for, user intention might not be accurately […]

Battle of the DJs: an HCI perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing

Battle of the DJs: an HCI perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing

To be presented at NIME 2011 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Oslo ). The remainder of the program is very interesting, so please feel free to look around here. What about DJing? How does it equates within an HCI perspective? What forms of interaction exist with DJ gear? How can one classify those interactions/gear? The […]

Possibilities#1: Interface Manipulation

There are several ways I can go in implementing the Interface for the proposed work (The Multitouch DJing Tabletop), here I take some time apart to consider them all: a) OpenGL (THE realtime standard programming language!) Advantages: Using OpenGL is very straightforward and its available in various forms (3d/2d Engines, various object oriented languages and […]

Computer Vision – Tbeta first analysis…

As previously noticed on the blog, I’ve already built a prototype (with very very DIY look and components) of a multitouch table – using Tbeta as the vision software. Community Core Vision or CCV for short (also known as tbeta), is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and machine sensing. It takes an video […]

Gesture Research #1 (multitouching…)

So I gather a collection of gestures (that later will turn into my pool of tests for users analyse user behaviour – prior to defining the gestures for my dj system) by means of observation of multiple systems and multitouch demos: a) Reactable (note: the reactable relies mainly on tangible objects, but parameter changes are done via […]

Some thougts on MT inspired by August de los Reyes (pt.1)

Last Friday (2th October) I attended the Remix 09 (many thanks to Andreia for the invitation), a conference day promoted by (and promoting) Microsoft, targeting the world of web design and future interfaces. My interest to this was drawn by a talk about the Microsoft Surface project, specially because Microsoft tends to hide specs and […]