Installing pd-extended on Ubuntu karmic 64 bits

Grab the autobuild from jaunty (9.04) at The lastest build for jaunty x86_64 (AMD architecture) is: – Then it will complain about libraw1934-8 because Karmic only has the .11 version of that lib in its repositories, so grab the jaunty package and install it: – Now, run the .deb installer from the […]

Building OpenSG in Ubuntu / Linux

Grab OpenSG 1.8.X For debian based systems, we can use the ppa as documented here ( deb gutsy main restricted universe multiverse deb-src gutsy main restricted universe multiverse To 9.10 (karmic koala) the package can be found here (, the simplest way to add it is by: > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opensg OpenSG 1.8.X […]

Recognizing gestures by the sound they make (DTW and Puredata)

This prototype follows the idea of [1] where Harrison uses a microphone to record and recognize a set of defined gestures. In this implementation we follow the same approach by using the Dynamic Time Warp algorithm[2,3] but propose it under a different setting: the PureData programming environment[4]. This research for IMMI course at IST will […]

Open Source Flash#2: Quick Tutorial

Based on Steve Love’s great tutorial-post and on a great post of Life of a programmer geek blog I summarize here a possible quick tutorial for those that wish to develop flash using all open source tools. What do you need to install Flex on Linux? The Flex SDK Sun Java (needed for compiling the […]

Open Source Flash#1: Introduction

Flex 3 is the Adobe solution towards RIA on a cross plataform level. But is this Flex thing Open Source? There are 2 licenses to consider for the various packages of the Flex SDK. Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 (MPL) Primarily covers the source code of the Open Source Flex SDK including the Flex framework, […]

Setting up the testbed…

As I’ve layed down in the planning – up to the 1st Frebruary I’ve been setting up the Development Environment for the project: Tabletop for DJing. (At the same time, I’ve been conducting a gestural analysis focused on understanding what hand-gestures DJ do in ech task/action – but more on this when it is presentable-ready) […]

Golan Levin Workshop on Computer Vision in Future Places 2009

Golan on Future Places [photo_credit JoaoPadua] Sorry about the delay in the postings (three drafts are in line to be published as posts here..) fortunately the week had some good times, one being the Golan Levin workshop about Computer Vision in Future Places 2009. The workshop gave me more insight on using Processing for blob […]