Latex: installing miscellaneous fonts and macros

In order to use the book template required by many iunstitutions such as IST (where my Thesis is being completed), check the following packages: (you can use apt-get, synaptic (my favorite for this things), or aptitude) texlive-fonts-recommended (the basic) texlive-fonts-extra (needed for the template because of cmbr8 font) As far as other Latex packages I […]

Open Source Flash#8: Get your Adobe Flash Builder 4 Licence (students)

Adobe has moved Flex Builder 3 into Flash Builder 4, unless for Linux – which is still running Flex Builder 3 (alpha stage, wit some issues). The plataform is built on Eclipse IDE and offers some nice features, auto-build, sintax highlight and code completion, and bla bla… The program is available as a trial version […]

OSC (Open Sound Control) changes to Open Show Control?

I’ve received this today on OSC mailing list, the name is questionable (a protocol to “put on a show”) although it is a new way to show that OSC has gone much further than “sound” or “new MIDI”. We use it here for blob tracking (on CCV). someone (-at-) to osc_dev show details 6:47 […]

Audio Latency: Low-latency Linux tutorial

I’ve been researching audio latency a bit across the typical OS, as a side quest of my thesis of course. I hope to post a more detailed overview of issues and measures found in research papers, but for now I’ll just post this incredible video for simple tweaks using the pacth for Linux RT kernel […]

From CLI, to GUI and NUI.

The next three posts are simple concept maps that I made to though some questions on Interfaces…