Prototype#3: Yet flash (better architecture) and PureData

Prototype Flash and PureData #3 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. This video shows a small-tiny-atom-sized prototype that uses Pd (PureData) and Flex/ActionScript compiled on Win (XP) with only the Open Source Flex SDK. The only reason for not deploying it in Ubuntu is that flashserver external pd object is not present. I will replace it with […]

Actionscript logging…

The default way to log is using Trace(“something”), this sends a print message to the console of your flash IDE (mine is Eclipse). Although other alternatives can bring you better results, and don’t need to launch your project in debug mode! Here’s my top two choices: Flash Vizzi Debugger (java application) Vizzi allows you to […]

Prototype#2: raw stuff again…

Just another video to illustrate a comunication between Pd (aduio manager) and Flash (interface manager). Prototype for Flash to PureData (Pd)#2 from PedroLopes on Vimeo. Next steps are: 1 – Implement Multitouch support on the interface 2 – Create the CoreApp (the main C++ application) and the subsequent Managers (Interaction Manager + Interface Manager + […]

Possibilities#1: Interface Manipulation

There are several ways I can go in implementing the Interface for the proposed work (The Multitouch DJing Tabletop), here I take some time apart to consider them all: a) OpenGL (THE realtime standard programming language!) Advantages: Using OpenGL is very straightforward and its available in various forms (3d/2d Engines, various object oriented languages and […]

Setting up the testbed…

As I’ve layed down in the planning – up to the 1st Frebruary I’ve been setting up the Development Environment for the project: Tabletop for DJing. (At the same time, I’ve been conducting a gestural analysis focused on understanding what hand-gestures DJ do in ech task/action – but more on this when it is presentable-ready) […]

Computer Vision – Tbeta first analysis…

As previously noticed on the blog, I’ve already built a prototype (with very very DIY look and components) of a multitouch table – using Tbeta as the vision software. Community Core Vision or CCV for short (also known as tbeta), is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and machine sensing. It takes an video […]

NUI design talk

As a thread in the NUI group forum, there’s this nice video talk from Darren David, Nathan Moody – Designing Natural User Interfaces from¬†Interaction Design Association on¬†Vimeo. A brief summary of its core topics, and how they apply in my MTdjing application for music control over multitouch surfaces: NUI goal: “eliminate proxy control do […]

Let’s give it a first try… (PureData and TUIO)

First Try of PureData and TUIO (homemade multitouch) from PedroLopes [turn up the volume because its very low] This is the document of my first 10 minutes of PureData alongside a really DIY multitouch table (done with a 16 fps camera, and absolutely no conditions!). It is simply a synth made with 2 oscilators that […]