Next conference: RecPad 2010

Next conference: RecPad 2010

I will be presenting a poster at RecPad 2010, alongside Guilherme Fernandes. We will present our Trainable DTW-classifier for feeg gesture recognition, which we built on a foot-controller device that allows to control Mt-Djing application, as shown below. (Controlling Mt-Djing with feet gestures) The program is available now here.

Singleton in AS3

Lots of discussion, loads of different versions, I’m using this and still haven’t noted any “flaws”: // ActionScript file package { public class MyTestClass { /* singleton */ { trace ( “Initialising MyTestClass singleton” ); _singleton = true; _instance = new MyTestClass ( ); _singleton = false;  } private static var _instance : MyTestClass; private […]

Multitouch pressure-sensitive drum pad

Multitouch pressure-sensitive drum pad

Using my own MtDjing framework, I’ve developed a drumpad for multitouch. Drawing inspiration from the many drumpads I’ve used across the years: My SP-808 is one of the best samplers ever, although it has no pressure sensitivity (called velocity in “musical gear slang”).  

Building OpenSG in Ubuntu / Linux

Grab OpenSG 1.8.X For debian based systems, we can use the ppa as documented here ( deb gutsy main restricted universe multiverse deb-src gutsy main restricted universe multiverse To 9.10 (karmic koala) the package can be found here (, the simplest way to add it is by: > sudo add-apt-repository ppa:opensg OpenSG 1.8.X […]

Working with OSC inside C/C++

For those that are searching for OSC libs for either C or C++, here’s my top two: liblo is a lightwheight OSC implementation, fully C and targeted for POSIX-compliant systems. It is very simple to install (and for those who use Debian can enjoy the apt-get install liblo0ldbl or liblo0-dev) or to build from source […]

Recognizing gestures by the sound they make (DTW and Puredata)

This prototype follows the idea of [1] where Harrison uses a microphone to record and recognize a set of defined gestures. In this implementation we follow the same approach by using the Dynamic Time Warp algorithm[2,3] but propose it under a different setting: the PureData programming environment[4]. This research for IMMI course at IST will […]

About the interface concepts

After having some mind struggles with the interface concepts, its now more or less defined: Realtime Setup Creation The concept is similar to the pacthing programming languages (PureData, Max/MSP) and pacthing interfaces such as Reactable, AudioPad, BlockJam, etc… thus the user is able to build his own DJ system has he plays. The video below […]

Open Source Flash#8: Get your Adobe Flash Builder 4 Licence (students)

Adobe has moved Flex Builder 3 into Flash Builder 4, unless for Linux – which is still running Flex Builder 3 (alpha stage, wit some issues). The plataform is built on Eclipse IDE and offers some nice features, auto-build, sintax highlight and code completion, and bla bla… The program is available as a trial version […]

OSC (Open Sound Control) changes to Open Show Control?

I’ve received this today on OSC mailing list, the name is questionable (a protocol to “put on a show”) although it is a new way to show that OSC has gone much further than “sound” or “new MIDI”. We use it here for blob tracking (on CCV). someone (-at-) to osc_dev show details 6:47 […]

Multitouch Pong (off-thesis 2 hour project)

Multitouch Pong (Processing and CCV) from PedroLopes on Vimeo. I was tired of my As3/C++/Pd project (multitouch DJ table) so I turned myself into processing for a bit, the first version of this code was done by myself (Pedro Lopes) and Miguel Jerónimo – in a multitouch workshop. This my new version, slightly altered from […]