The scratch mat

  An interesting project (appearing on The Fun Theory website) is this Scratch Mat: [youtube=] Take a look!  

Classic Turntable Patents

Classic Turntable Patents

As I became more and more obcessed with my research on DJing setups, I started to use Google patents search-engine to look for some detailed info on CD-players or newer turntables – regarding features that are closely related to my proposed work towards a multitouch virtual DJing application. During that research I came across some […]

Wrapping the document up…: Work Plan

Wrapping the document up…: Work Plan

I’m giving the finishing touches to my thesis firtst document, comprising athorough reserach on DJing setups, and proposing a multitouch virtual DJ system. Here’s a concept map I did to illustrate the possibilites of my work planning, also discussed a long time ago with Prof Alfredo Ferreira. Although it is important to keep a realistic work […]

DJ Taxonomy: first use-case draft

DJ Taxonomy: first use-case draft

Building more on this topic, I drafted a very basic (and not entirely truthful) use case with DJ types and their actions. (This diagram serves for discussion puposes only…) The set of Dj types used (radio, club, mobile and turntablist) show that nowadays there is almost no need for the distincion between mobile and club […]

DJ Taxonomy: Introduction notes

Following this idea that one could draft a taxonomy of DJing styles (identifying different needs in serveral axis (technical requimentns, gestures and musical actions, gear used, music notation, musical outcome, creative processes, and so on…) I give it a try. But because this matter only is important and deep enough to be the complete focus […]

Audio Latency: Low-latency Linux tutorial

I’ve been researching audio latency a bit across the typical OS, as a side quest of my thesis of course. I hope to post a more detailed overview of issues and measures found in research papers, but for now I’ll just post this incredible video for simple tweaks using the pacth for Linux RT kernel […]

Final Scratch: the mess up.

This post gives a lil’ insight on the confusions behind Final Scratch project, firstly we’ll start with a lil’ brief history: “Final Scratch is a DJ tool created by the Dutch company N2IT with input from Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) and John Acquaviva that allows manipulation and playback of digital audiosources using traditional vinyl and turntables. It seeks to cross […]

From CLI, to GUI and NUI.

The next three posts are simple concept maps that I made to though some questions on Interfaces…

Checklist moving…

It is moving…