Scratch … a documentary.

A bit off-topic, or maybe not (since turtablism/scratching is a major subset of all DJing), the documentary Scratch, by Doug Pray (2001) is now fully available on youtube. So take a look.

Some thougts on MT inspired by August de los Reyes (pt.2)

After the first few thoughs (pt.1 on the blog) we arrive at a new idea: Interacting with a table: what’s new on that? 1) So, first August brings out an important point (that of course is relevant to the Surface project) which is the nature of the “Table” element. First let’s recall that August is […]

Golan Levin Workshop on Computer Vision in Future Places 2009

Golan on Future Places [photo_credit JoaoPadua] Sorry about the delay in the postings (three drafts are in line to be published as posts here..) fortunately the week had some good times, one being the Golan Levin workshop about Computer Vision in Future Places 2009. The workshop gave me more insight on using Processing for blob […]