Tracking DJs: the msPinky case-study!

I’ve been watching developments in msPinky for quite a while now. It is rising as the new cheap solution towards tracking vynil control (either via cd player or analogue turntable – doesn’t matter, the recorded tmecode does the trick). For those who are wondering about msPinky, he’s a lil’ info: “the idea behind it is […]

Final Scratch: the mess up.

This post gives a lil’ insight on the confusions behind Final Scratch project, firstly we’ll start with a lil’ brief history: “Final Scratch is a DJ tool created by the Dutch company N2IT with input from Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) and John Acquaviva that allows manipulation and playback of digital audiosources using traditional vinyl and turntables. It seeks to cross […]

Scratch … a documentary.

A bit off-topic, or maybe not (since turtablism/scratching is a major subset of all DJing), the documentary Scratch, by Doug Pray (2001) is now fully available on youtube. So take a look.

Gesture Research #3 (the mixer and the turntable…)

Of course in the previous posts on this topic (gestures) I’ve identified the basic atomic ideas in a piece of paper by observation of certain systems (multitouch and dj decks)… this was just a primary attemp to understand the gestures used among this approaches, but a more indepth look is mandatory when it comes to […]

Gesture Research #2 (djing in action…)

A collection of real gestures (that you perform on the actual things): i) Real gestures on Dj systems The expression “dj systems” is just a more-or-less-suitable name for the tools that Djs currently use when it comes to hardware: turntables, dj decks, mixers, cds, HD’s, laptops with djing software, effect processors, vynil, etc… mainly by looking at Djs […]