Wrapping the document up…: Work Plan

Wrapping the document up…: Work Plan

I’m giving the finishing touches to my thesis firtst document, comprising athorough reserach on DJing setups, and proposing a multitouch virtual DJ system.
Here’s a concept map I did to illustrate the possibilites of my work planning, also discussed a long time ago with Prof Alfredo Ferreira.


Although it is important to keep a realistic work plan, updated with your own prospects of the softare development delays, that are usually found in this sort-of-work. Thus I spanned the prototypes a bit further:


With this plan, that has more span of the prototype deliveries (1 more moth to prototype Beta) and one more month to Final Document delivery, we build a more realistic view of the whole work planning. With the deadline set for September 2010, if we have to delay the milestones by one-month period, which can happen in software development, we only face a 14.2857143% shift from the original planning and still arrive on time to the September deadline.

Note: As usual on this blog, you can click on pictures to see the actual file. Which is usually enlarged for better viewing.

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